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Wood Stain
Wood Stain
From HK$ 30.00
Carpet & Upholstery Protector
Carpet & Upholstery Protector
From HK$ 190.00
Boiled Linseed Oil
Boiled Linseed Oil
HK$ 140.00
Leather Care Kit
Leather Care Kit
HK$ 399.00
Beeswax Polish
Beeswax Polish
HK$ 200.00

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How to Clean Leather

Leather Care & Repair Specialists

We are manufacturers & retailers of leather cleaning, conditioning, protection, repair and restoration products for all items of leather.

We manufacture all of our products available on this website. Years of research and development have gone into the making of each and every product ensuring quality in every aspect of their production. We don't just sell direct to the public, we also supply specialist leather cleaners and leather repairers. The constant day to day use of our products by professional leather repairers and their repeat ordering means we have a quality product range that has been very well tried and tested. This has resulted in our products being used by some of the most exclusive & respected businesses around the world – Customer List

Leather Care - Cleaner Conditioner Dye & Leather Repair

The leather care section contains a wide range of leather cleaning and leather repair products designed specifically for use on leather, all of which have been tried and tested for years by consumers and professionals alike. All our products are suitable for use on furniture (sofas, suites, chairs, settees etc), car leather, jackets, clothing, shoes, and equine leather.

Leather Cleaners & Leather Conditioners: We make a wide range of specific leather cleaning products suitable for cleaning all leather types including aniline & pull ups, plus our Leather Ultra Clean, which is used for very dirty and grimy leathers. Our leather conditioner is infused with the aroma of leather and will feed your leather preventing it from drying out or cracking. As well as this our Leather Protection Cream repels stains and protects leather from wear, tear and heat. Our leather care products can be used as an aniline leather cleaner and as an aniline leather protector.

Leather Ink & Stain Removal: Our Leather Ink Remover Kit removes pen on leather from biro pens, felt tip pens, permanent markers & fountain pens. Whilst our Leather Stain Remover removes paint on leather, dye on leather and lots of other leather stains. We also do a Leather Degreaser for removing grease on leather & oil on leather.

Leather Dyes & Leather Restoration: The Leather Re-Colouring balm reinstates the colour to faded and worn leather items, making it ideal for leather couch restoration, leather seat refurbishment and generally restoring the colour to scuffed, scratched and damaged leathers.

Use our water based leather colouring system (leather paint) to re-colour all types of leather, excellent for car interior and furniture, you can either restore or change the colour of all leather items. Our kits are permanent and long lasting, the same used in the manufacturing of leather.

Our leather finish re-applies the lacquer to leather when it either wears away or goes sticky. It is easy to use and fixes all problems associated with the leathers finish.

Leather Repair: Use our leather repairs kit to repair rips, tears, burns, holes, cuts and scratches in leather. You get leather filler, leather glue, leather patch and instructions showing you how to fix leather.

We also manufacture a specialist colour kit to fix common problems such as cat scratches, scuffs and specific areas of colour loss caused from nail varnish remover spills, air fresheners spills and the like. Our leather repairers can be used to repairing leather couches, leather settee repairs, car leather repairs, leather jacket repairs and for repairing all other items of leather.

Leather Protection: For day to day protection use our leather protection cream to repel stains and protect your leather from wear, tear and heat. If colour is starting to fade either slightly or drastically use our professional leather finishes to seal your leather, preventing colour loss and damage.

Leather Aroma: To re-instate the smell back into leather use our leather aroma spray. For a year round luxurious leather smell why not try our leather scented air freshener for the car or our leather gel for in the home.

Professional Leather Repair Products

As well as supplying the public, we also make a range of specific leather repair products aimed at professional leather repairers in the upholstery, cleaning, car valeting, restoration & leather repair trade. In addition to this we do a range of leather care kits, carpet & upholstery care kits & cabinet care kits for re-sale. The leather repair products range from basic cleaners to specialist glues & fillers and strong hard wearing colourants and finishes unique to furniture clinic.

Household Helpers

Urine Remover - Cleaner and odour remover for urine contamination on any surface.

Fabric Care – Fabric cleaner & spotter used to remove staining and to generally clean all fabrics including clothes, upholstery, carpet and car interiors. We also make a fabric protector, which repels staining and helps keep all fabrics clean for longer.

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