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A specialist range of wood cleaners for all types of indoor and outdoor wood.

Wood Cleaners

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Wood Cleaner

The ultimate cleaner for all wooden surfaces.

From HK$120.00

Teak Cleaner -6%

Teak Cleaner

Concentrated teak cleaning formula to restore old, dirty and greying teak.

From HK$179.00Regular PriceHK$190.00

Teak Brightener -6%

Teak Brightener

A concentrated, professional strength brightener to restore and enhance the colour to all items of teak.

From HK$179.00Regular PriceHK$190.00

Garden Furniture Restoration Kit -10%

Garden Furniture Restoration Kit

Contains the full suite of products and all accessories needed to fully clean, restore and protect.

HK$569.00Regular PriceHK$630.00

Teak Care Kit

Use our simple 3-step process to clean and restore your wooden garden furniture.


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