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Our specialist range of Wood Stains are designed to stain all kinds of wooden surfaces quickly and effectively in one simple application. Our Wood Stain can be used on both interior and exterior wood surfaces and comes in a great colour range to match all types of wood. Take a look at our full range of Wood Stain Colours.

It doesn't matter if you have Oak, Beech or Mahogony.....Walnut, Teak or Pine; our Wood Stain is suitable for use on all types of wood including hardwoods and softwoods.

Wood Stains

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Wood Stain

A highly concentrated Wood Stain that stains wood in one simple application.

From HK$30.00

Exterior Wood Stain -15%

Exterior Wood Stain

For use on all outdoor wooden surfaces.

From HK$119.00Regular PriceHK$140.00

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