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Fabric paints used to paint or dye fabric sofas, clothes, shoes and all other items of fabric. Our Fabric Paint can be used to paint designs onto fabric or used to restore or change the colour of fabric.

The Fabric Paint is applied easily by sponge or brush, or it can also be used as a fabric spray paint, and be sprayed onto fabric.

Fabric Paints & Dyes

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Fabricoat Fabric Paint -23%

Fabricoat Fabric Paint

A non-hazardous & non-flammable Fabric Paint used for restoring or changing the colour to fabrics.

From HK$99.00Regular PriceHK$129.00

Fabricoat Sprayer -75%

Fabricoat Sprayer

The FabriCoat Sprayer is the ideal applicator for any job that involves the use of FabriCoat to colour a fabric item.

From HK$20.00Regular PriceHK$80.00

Penetrating Solution

Helps Fabric Paint soak into stubborn fibres of fabric, providing a softer and more natural finish.


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