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We have a wide selection of leather dyes, paints, edge coats, finishes and specialist products to create unique and custom effects on leather.

These products are aimed at people and businesses who are creating items out of leather and require specialist products to finish their projects.

Leather Craft

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Leather Glue PU

Flexible glue that flexes with the leather for a long lasting repair.

From HK$99.00

Leather Glue SB -10% Out Of Stock

Leather Glue SB

Strong, quick drying and very flexible solvent based Leather Glue.

HK$99.00Regular PriceHK$110.00

Leather Paint

Extremely flexible leather paint for painting any design on all leathers.

From HK$80.00

Leather Edge Coat

Produces a perfectly curved and smooth edge coating on leather.

From HK$110.00

Leather Prep

Strong solvent cleaner used to remove the manufacturers finish from leather.

From HK$89.00

Leather Finish

Extremely hard wearing and scuff resistant leather finish used to seal leather after re-colouring.

From HK$49.00

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