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About Wood Cleaner

Wood Cleaner is a safe to use wood cleaner suitable for use on all wooden surfaces. Easily wipes all finished wooden surfaces clean with little elbow grease required! Yet it is still capable of thoroughly cleaning ingrained dirt and stains from unfinished wood.

It can be used to clean all oak, beech, walnut, ash, mahogany, pine and all other types of hard and softwood.

Using Wood Cleaner on modern wood

Our Wood Cleaner is ideal for maintaining a clean surface on all modern wood finishes and can also be used to remove stubborn stains such as black shoe marks on flooring, food spills and even liquid staining.

Using Wood Cleaner on antique wood

As furniture and flooring age, the dirt becomes ingrained and can even start to stain the wood, especially if the finish has worn off or if the wood was unfinished originally. Wood Cleaner deep cleans into the wood to remove stubborn stains and heavy soiling totally transforming the wood's appearance.

Wood Cleaner is Suitable For

Wood Cleaner is a water-based formula and so is totally safe to use on all types of wooden surfaces, modern and old. It is suitable for gently cleaning wooden surfaces to maintain a clean appearance but can also be used to deep clean dirty and grimy wood.

Ideal for cleaning:

  • Hardwoods and softwoods
  • Finished wooden surfaces
  • Oiled, waxed, or varnished wood
  • Unfinished wooden surfaces
  • Foil finished wood & laminates
  • Solid wooden flooring and laminates

Can be diluted 2:1 (Wood Cleaner:Water) for general cleaning

For outdoor wood or garden furniture, use our Teak Cleaner.

For Decking, use our Decking Cleaner.

For wood flooring, use our Wood Floor Cleaner.

Wood Cleaner’s Coverage and Shelf Life

If kept in a cool, dry, place with the lid tightly fastened, Wood Cleaner has a shelf life of up to three years. On occasions where the product has been sitting for long periods without being used, it should be shaken well before applying to your wood.

Cleaning Wood Instructions

The below instructions are for using our Wood Cleaner on all wooden surfaces; furniture, cabinetry, kitchen worktops, flooring, toys, doors, and all other items made from wood.

General clean using Wood Cleaner

Shake bottle well. For light cleaning, you can mix 2:1 with water at this stage, before applying to a cloth. Spray the Wood Cleaner onto a Microfibre Cloth and rub into the wood in a circular motion. The dirt will be absorbed by the cloth, as this happens rotate to a clean piece of cloth to prevent spreading the dirt and continue to clean. Extra pressure may be applied when cleaning unfinished wood as the wood will have absorbed the dirt and will require more cleaning.

Deep clean using Wood Cleaner

Shake bottle well. Apply the Wood Cleaner to a Microfibre Cloth and rub into the wood applying pressure. This will immediately remove dirt, but if the dirt is heavily ingrained you may need to use an Abrasive Pad to thoroughly clean the wood. Apply the Wood Cleaner directly onto the wood and scrub the surface with the Abrasive Pad. This cleaning action will turn the cleaner into a foam, which will then absorb the dirt. Wipe this away with a Microfibre Cloth to reveal a lovely clean surface.

Wood maintenance

After cleaning wood, you should treat it with either a wood oil or wax. We have our own range of excellent oils and waxes you can choose from:

Other Wood Cleaning Products

For Decking, use our Decking Cleaner.

For outdoor wood or garden furniture, use our Teak Cleaner.

Wood Furniture Cleaner - if you want to clean wood furniture, then this product, our Wood Cleaner is ideal.

Wood Cleaner Photos

The below photo and review were left by a customer who used our wood cleaner to remove polish residues from this lovely wooden table. It is a great wood furniture cleaner but can also be used on all other wooden surfaces.


Instructional Videos

Using Wood Cleaner - FAQ

Q: Is Wood Cleaner safe to use on all types of wood?

A: Yes, Wood Cleaner is a water-based formula, with no harsh solvents, and so is suitable for use on any type of wood. It's great for cleaning hardwoods and softwoods, and wood used in any application.

Q: Is Wood Cleaner suitable for use on wood located in the home and externally?

A: Yes, it is; Wood Cleaner is very versatile and can be used to clean wooden surfaces both in the home and outside. It is ideal for cleaning wooden furniture and fixtures in any environment and can be used for regular maintenance or for deep cleaning very dirty or stained wood. However, we recommended Teak Cleaner as a better outdoor wood cleaner.

Q: Will regular use dry out or damage my wood?

A: No, Wood Cleaner is a water-based formulation, without solvents or chemicals that would cause your wood to dry out or damage the surface. If you have wood that is dried out or faded, you should use a Wood Oil or Wood Wax to restore its natural, healthy appearance.

Q: Will Wood Cleaner seal or protect my wood in addition to cleaning?

A: No, Wood Cleaner is used for cleaning wood only. To protect your wood after cleaning it, we recommend the use of our range of our Wood Oils. Treating your wood with our oils will make it easier to maintain and clean going forward, and will help to prevent it fading our drying out.

Q. Can it be used to clean wood furniture?

A: Yes, it is a great wood furniture cleaner. You can use it to clean furniture made from any type of wood (oak, beech, pine, etc) and for furniture with any type of finish (oil, wax, varnish, lacquer etc).

Wood Cleaner

The ultimate wood cleaner for all wooden surfaces; removes years of neglect to restore the original finish.  

  • Removes nicotine and smoke

  • Removes spray and wax polish build-up

  • Removes grease and grime

  • Easy to apply

  • Water-based formula

  • Great for modern and antique wood

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