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All of our floor cleaning products have been designed to work with our Microfibre Spray Mop. The Spray Mop makes cleaning flooring easier and makes all of our floor cleaning products last much longer. It is great for use with our Wood Floor Cleaner as it only applies a controlled amount of floor cleaner onto the floor, making sure you never wet your flooring too much.

Floor Cleaners

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Floor Polish Remover -16%

Floor Polish Remover

Removes the build-up of floor polishes from all types of flooring.

From HK$159.00Regular PriceHK$190.00

Microfibre Spray Mop -20%

Microfibre Spray Mop

Used to safely and easily clean all types of flooring.

HK$239.00Regular PriceHK$299.00

Wood Floor Cleaner -16%

Wood Floor Cleaner

Safe to use and effective cleaner for all types of wooden floors.

HK$159.00Regular PriceHK$190.00

Laminate Floor Cleaner -16% In Stock

Laminate Floor Cleaner

Specialist cleaner for use on all types of laminate flooring.

HK$159.00Regular PriceHK$190.00

Vinyl Floor Cleaner -16%

Vinyl Floor Cleaner

Specialist vinyl floor cleaner for use on all types of vinyl flooring.

HK$159.00Regular PriceHK$190.00

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner -16%

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner

Specialist floor cleaner for all stone and tiled flooring

HK$159.00Regular PriceHK$190.00

Wood Floor Cleaner & Polish Kit -9%

Wood Floor Cleaner & Polish Kit

Everything you need to clean and protect your wood floor.

HK$499.00Regular PriceHK$550.00

Spray Mop Replacement Pads

Two replacement mop pads for use on all hard surfaces.

From HK$59.00