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About Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner

A super concentrated floor cleaner for all types of indoor stone and tile flooring. The product size is 500ml, but this dilutes with water to make 5 litres of ready-to-use floor cleaner. This will clean 1000m2 of stone and tile flooring (the average room size is only 16m2!).

It can be used in the kitchen and bathroom to remove common household staining and will leave your rooms smelling wonderfully fresh after each clean.

As a stone floor cleaner the product can be used on natural, matt and shiny surfaces. It's great for cleaning marble, granite, slate, sandstone and more. Its gentle cleaning formula makes it safe to use on even the most porous stone floors.

As a tile floor cleaner it can be used on porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles; both shiny and matt versions too.

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner is Suitable For

The Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner can be used to clean all types of stone and tile flooring. It is most frequently used to clean:

  • Porcelain tile floors

  • Ceramic tile floors

  • Natural stone floors

  • Concrete floors

  • Gloss and Matt finishes

It's great for cleaning all types of stone too: marble, granite, slate, sandstone, limestone, travertine quartz and onyx.

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner Coverage and Shelf Life

Size: 500ml.

The 500ml bottle of Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner is super concentrated. Diluted with water it makes 5 litres of ready to use floor cleaner, which can be used to clean 1000m2 of flooring.

Once opened, use within three years.

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner Instructions

Our floor cleaner can be used to clean both stone floors and tile floors. Follow the instructions below to learn how to get the best results when cleaning stone and tile floors.

Tile Floor Cleaner Instructions

For best results, and to get maximum coverage when cleaning stone and tile flooring, use in conjunction with our Spray Mop. The Spray Mop is designed to work quickly, easily, and with great results with our Tile Floor Cleaner.

The product is supplied concentrated, and should be diluted with water for everyday tile floor cleaning. Dilute the Tile Floor Cleaner with water at a ratio of 9:1 (water:cleaner), if using the spray mop use 450ml water and 50ml cleaner to fill the container with a ready to use tile floor cleaning solution.

For dirtier floors, stains, or to infuse the product’s wonderful citrus aroma into the room, you can increase the amount of cleaner used up to a ratio of 1:1.

Spray the Tile Floor Cleaner onto the floor and pass the Spray Mop over it. The cleaner will loosen the dirt which the mop head will then absorb. Spray and clean one small area at a time before moving onto the next.

The Tile Floor Cleaner takes about 10 minutes to dry; it will dry to a streak free finish and leave your room smelling of citrus fruits.

Stone Floor Cleaner Instructions

We recommend cleaning stone floors using our Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner, in conjunction with our Spray Mop.

The Cleaner is supplied in concentrated form, which should be diluted 9:1 with water. This means our 500ml bottle will turn into 5 litre of cleaner for your stone floor, which will clean up to 1000m2 of stone flooring.

Simply spray the cleaner onto the floor and wipe it over with the mop. Clean one area at a time before moving onto the next.

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner FAQ

Q. Do I need a machine to clean stone floors?

A. No, it is not necessary to clean stone flooring with a machine. Our Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner is a high strength cleaner capable of removing tough marks and stains from flooring.

Q. Can it be used to clean a marble floor?

A. Yes, it is a great marble floor cleaner. Marble is a luxurious stone and our cleaner has been designed to work specifically on all types of marble flooring.

Q. Can the cleaner be used to clean dirty grout in floor tiles?

A. Yes, as well as cleaning the tile itself, the floor cleaner will also remove stains and dirt from tile grout. If the grout is badly stained, you can mix the cleaner with water at a ratio of 1:1 to create a more concentrated cleaner.

Q. Is it safe to use on ceramic tiles?

A. The Stone & Tile floor Cleaner is a great ceramic tile cleaner. It can also be used to clean porcelain tiles, and many other types of tiled flooring.

Q. Can it be used to clean natural stone flooring like slate or limestone?

A. Yes, the floor cleaner makes a great slate floor cleaner, limestone floor cleaner, or cleaner of all other types of natural stone.

Q. Will the Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner make my floor shiny?

A. No. The cleaner evaporates away as it dries retuning the floor to its natural finish, whether that is matt or gloss. If you want to make your stone floor shine, then we recommend using our Stone & Tile Floor Polish.

Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner

A safe and easy to use floor cleaner for all types of stone and tile flooring

  • Perfect for all natural stone, porcelain, and ceramics

  • Dilutes to make 5 litres

  • Super Concentrate – Covers 1000mflooring

  • Quick drying – streak and residue free clean

  • Water-based – safe for people and pets

  • HK$160.00
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  • Product Code: Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner
  • In Stock

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