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Microfibre Spray Mop

About Microfibre Spray Mop

Our Spray Mop simplifies cleaning flooring with its pivot head, economical application of cleaner and ease of use. After cleaning there is no mess, just peel off the mop pad and put it in the washing machine ready to be used next time. Using a Spray Mop has many advantages over traditional floor cleaning:

Safer cleaning with the Spray Mop

Using a traditional mop and bucket and over wet flooring. The water soaks into the joints and can cause them to swell, damaging the floor. The Spray Mop eliminates this risk by spraying a controlled amount of cleaner onto the floor, preventing you from soaking the floor and causing damage. This is particularly important for wood and laminate flooring.

Economical cleaning with the Spray Mop

The Spray Mop sprays a small quantity of floor cleaner onto the floor with each spray. This makes it extremely economical in terms of usage of floor cleaner as you’re only ever applying the right amount of cleaner onto the floor. You also only use what you need, and the rest remains in the reservoir, whereas with a traditional mop and bucket you have to throw away the dirty water at the end.

Easier cleaning with the Spray Mop

No more carrying around a heavy water bucket. Simply fill the reservoir on the Spray Mop and you have enough cleaner to clean 100m2 of flooring. That’s enough cleaner to clean more than an entire UK house (based on average house size).

The mop has a 360 degree rotating head so you can easily manoeuvre it around furniture and get into hard to reach places.

2in1 floor Spray Mop

The Spray Mop has a microfibre pad that can be used to dry mop flooring to catch dust, dirt, pet hair and crumbs, or use the spray function to clean more stubborn stains.

Microfibre Spray Mop is Suitable For

Our Microfibre Spray Mop can be used on all types of hard flooring:

  • Wood (including parquet)
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Porcelain
  • Concrete

Spray Mop Contents

Our Spray Mop comes in a compact kit that comprises of:

  • 1 x Spray Mop with 125cm handle

  • 1 x Microfibre Mop Pad

  • 1 x 500ml container (for floor cleaning solution)


Spray Mop Instructions

The Spray Mop is easy to assemble and easy to use. The way the mop works is the same for cleaning all types of flooring, and for best results use it on conjunction with one of our specialist Floor Cleaners

Spray Mop Assembly

Assembling the Spray Mop is quick and easy.

  1. Push the three parts of the handle together. These are push-fit fittings so require no tools.
  2. Stick the microfibre pad to the pad holder.
  3. Clip the bottom of the handle into the microfibre pad holder.
  4. Fill the container with your desired cleaning solution, then fit to mop

Using the Spray Mop

The mop can be used dry to wipe up dust and dirt form flooring, or used with a floor cleaner to thoroughly clean flooring.

Simply squeeze the trigger on the handle to spray a controlled amount of cleaning solution onto the floor. Pass the mop over the floor for the cleaning solution and microfibre pad to lift the dirt.

This method applies a small amount of cleaner onto the floor, which dries quickly. The microfibre mop pad can then be washed in the sink, or put in the washing machine, to be used again.

Instructional Video

This video shows you how to use Microfibre Spray Mop.

Spray Mop - FAQ

Q. Are spray mops more hygienic?

A. Yes. The cleaning solution sits in the container and is sprayed onto the floor and wiped with the mop head. Rather than cleaning the mop head in a bucket of dirty water (like you would with a normal mop and bucket) the mop had can be taken off and rinsed under the tap or washed in the washing machine.

The use of a spray mop also stops the spread of dirty water (from the bucket) around the floor.

Q. What liquid do you put in a spray mop?

A. Use one of our Floor Cleaners. These all dilute down 9:1 with water and so become very economical when cleaning floors. When full, the container on the mop contains enough cleaner to clean more than an entire house worth of flooring (based on the UK average house size).

Q. Can you use a spray mop on laminate flooring?

A. Yes, in fact it is a much safer way of cleaning laminate flooring. If you wet laminate too much with a  mop and bucket, the water will be absorbed by the joints in the laminate (where the floor clicks together), and the joints can then swell and become misshapen with repeated over wetting. Using a spray mop prevents this from happening as you never over-wet the floor.

Q. What is a spray floor mop?

A. A spray mop is a mop with built in cleaning fluid container that is sprayed onto the floor as you clean. Unlike with a normal mop, there is no bucket of water to carry around, and so when you clean you’re also not smearing around dirty water from the bucket. Its simpler, easier and more hygienic to clean with a spray floor mop.

Microfibre Spray Mop

Floor cleaning spray mop to safely clean all types of hard flooring

  • Great for hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile
  • Microfibre pad absorbs dirt, dust and bacteria
  • flexible pivot mop head to easily reach all areas
  • Reusable microfibre pad – machine washes for ease
  • Fine mist spray ensures your floor is never soaked
  • HK$320.00
  • Product Code: Microfibre Spray Mop
  • In Stock

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