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Our floor oils can be used on all types of wooden flooring to protect the wood and enhance its appearance, bringing out the naturally beauty in all wood floors. Danish Oil is our hardest wearing wood floor oil, and is great for areas of high use and traffic.

Floor Oils

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Wood Wax & Polish

Our Wood Wax & Polish is a specialist formula, designed to feed, protect & enhance the natural beauty and depth of the grain of wood.

From HK$119.00

Danish Oil

A blend of natural oils & resins used to seal and finish all types of wood including teak, oak, mahogany and pine.

From HK$119.00

Boiled Linseed Oil -15%

Boiled Linseed Oil

A beautiful oil to use with endless applications. Improved penetration, durability and drying time.

From HK$119.00Regular PriceHK$140.00

Pure Tung Oil

A hard wearing, water resistant oil for all indoor and outdoor wood.

From HK$179.00

Clear Decking Oil

Deeply Penetrates Wooden Decking to Enhance, Nourish & Protect.


Wood Floor Maintenance Oil -16%

Wood Floor Maintenance Oil

Protects, enhances and restores oiled flooring.

HK$159.00Regular PriceHK$190.00