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New Wood Floor Maintenance Oil

About Wood Floor Maintenance Oil

Our maintenance oil has been specially designed to maintain the oiled finish on wooden flooring. It will enhance the natural look of all types of oiled flooring, keeping it protected, repel stains, and repair any minor scratches in the finish. 

Specifically designed for maintenance, is dries in 30 minutes and is easy to apply, making it ideal for use within the home.

Simply wipe the maintenance oil into your wooden floor and leave it to dry. The maintenance oil will soak into the wood, repairing any minor defects in the oiled finish, improving the look and feel of the flooring. It will help to restore any dull and faded patches, as well as protecting the floor from stains, spills and wear & tear.

This product is only for maintaining the look of an oiled floor. If you have an untreated wooden floor that you want to treat with an oil, then you should choose one of our Floor Oils. Then to maintain the look, you should apply the Wood Floor Maintenance Oil.

Wood Floor Maintenance Oil is Suitable For

The Maintenance Oil can be used on any type of oiled wooden flooring. If you’re not sure what type of finish you have on your wood, then you’re best using our Wood Floor Polish which is safe to use on all types of wooden flooring (including oiled).

Common types of oiled flooring the product is great for use on are:

  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Engineered Wood Flooring
  • UV Oiled Flooring
  • Hardwax Oiled Flooring
  • Danish Oiled Flooring
  • All other types of wood oils

Wood Floor Maintenance Oil Coverage and Shelf Life

Size: 500ml.

Coverage per 500ml bottle: 50m2.

Once opened, use within three years.

Wood Floor Maintenance Oil Instructions

Clean the floor first using the Wood Floor Cleaner and Spray Mop, ensuring all dust and dirt has been removed.

Shake bottle well and squirt directly onto the floor. Using the Microfibre Mop (with a clean mop pad), spread the Maintenance Oil evenly and thinly across the floor wiping sideways against the grain. Apply very light fingertip pressure when doing this.

Then wipe following the direction of the grain for a lovely smooth finish. The floor should have a wet look that shines when applied, but not so much that it puddles.

Work in small, manageable sections, before moving onto the next area. The finish does not need to be buffed or polished.

The Maintenance Oil dries in only 30 minutes, and can then be walked on. However, if you can, leave it overnight before allowing heavy traffic to walk on the floor.

Instructional Video

This video shows you how to clean and protect an oiled wood floor.

Wood Floor Maintenance Oil FAQ

Q. Should I use the maintenance oil to oil a wood floor?

A. The Maintenance Oil is designed for protecting and enhancing an already oiled wooden floor. Its much easier to apply, and dries a lot quicker than a normal wood floor oil. If you have an untreated wooden floor (bare wood) and you wish to turn it into an oiled wood floor, then you should use one of our Floor Oils to do this.

Q. Will the maintenance oil change the colour of my wooden floor?

A. No, it is very light in colour and does not contain any stain. It is designed to protect and enhance the oiled finish on the floor, not change it.

Q. How often should I re-oil my wooden floor?

A. Re-oiling should only be necessary after a thorough sand of the floor. The maintenance oil protects the oiled finish making it last longer. Simply, the maintenance oil will wear off and need to be re-applied, rather than the actual oiled floor finish. We recommend giving the floor a thorough clean and re-applying the Maintenance Oil once every six months.

Q. Will it make my floor shiny?

A. No. It has a satin finish so is not glossy, or matt. The satin finish is typically the type of sheen achieved with all floor oils, so we have chosen it for the maintenance oil so that it matches all types of oiled flooring.


Wood Floor Maintenance Oil

Wood floor oil to maintain and restore all oiled wooden flooring

  • Fills scratches for a smooth finish
  • Protects against stains & spills
  • Protects against wear & tear
  • Water-based – safe for people and pets
  • For all types of oiled flooring
  • HK$190.00
  • Product Code: Wood Floor Maintenance Oil
  • In Stock

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