Teak Wood Stains

By Jessica Barron 12 Jan 2022 0 Comment(s)

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of Wood Stain and show you how to colour wood using our Teak Wood Stain.


The benefits of using Teak Wood Stain

Although Teak Wood Stain can be used to enhance the colour of teak wood, it is recommended for those who want to change the colour of the wood without hiding the natural beauty.

When using a paint to colour wood, you risk hiding the grain. Whereas our Wood Stain is designed to completely soak into the wood, stain it to your chosen colour and bring out the beauty of the natural grain in the timber.

As well as providing a beautiful colour to the wood, our Wood Stain is designed to protect the surface from the elements, preserve its natural appearance and expand its lifespan.

The same instructions below apply for both interior and exterior wood, but if you are staining wood to be used outside, you’re best using our Exterior Wood Stain.


Applying Teak Wood Stain

Step 1. Prepare the wood

Ensure the surface is clean and any dust, dirt or old finishes have been removed.

If the surface is stain-free, a clean with hot and soapy water will be adequate.

For a deeper clean and to remove any staining, we recommend using a specialist Wood Cleaner with a Sanding Pad.

Our Wood Cleaner is water-based and so totally safe to use on all types of wooden surfaces. It is suitable for gently cleaning wooden surfaces to maintain a clean appearance but can also be used with the Sanding Pad to thoroughly clean deeply ingrained dirt and stains.

Once clean, leave the wood to dry, then sand it with another Sanding Pad (but this time, without the Wood Cleaner).

The second sanding will remove any original finishes applied to the wood such as an oil, wax or varnish.

This will also ensure that the Wood Stain properly soaks in.

Step 2. Apply the Teak Wood Stain

The stain can be applied with either a cloth or brush (foam or soft bristled)

Apply the stain liberally going in the direction of the grain.

Leave it to soak in for a minute or two and then wipe any excess of using a Lint Free Cloth.

The longer you leave the stain to soak in before wiping any excess, the darker the colour will be.

Multiple coats can also be applied to achieve a darker colour.

It is specially formulated to evenly stain wood and dries to a natural matt finish in only 10 minutes.

Step 3. Finish the teak wood stain

After staining wood, you should finish the job by sealing the stain in with one of our Wood WaxesWood Varnishes or Wood Oils. These will enhance the colour of the stain further, provide additional protection and can be used to alter the finish to either satin or gloss.


Customer results using our Teak Wood Stain

Our Teak Wood Stain has been used to upcycle an old pine tv unit.


Restoring Teak Wood

When teak becomes faded, you may be tempted to restore the colour with a Teak Wood Stain.

Although the Teak Wood Stain will enhance the colour, the original colour can also be restored using our Teak Cleaner and Teak Oil.

Our Teak Cleaner will remove the grey colour from the wood and revive the original colour, while our Teak Oil will help protect the wood, and enhance the colour and grain.

The photo above shows how this teak wood has been restored rather than stained.


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