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About Vinyl Floor Polish

Our Vinyl Floor Polish is a specialist polish designed to restore the shine to all types of vinyl flooring. Its protective coating will also help hide any minor scratches, as well as protecting the vinyl floor from stains, spills and general wear & tear.

It can be used on soft backed vinyl flooring, as well as luxury vinyl tiles such as Karndean and Amtico.

Applying the polish from day one will help to keep the floor in pristine condition, but if you have an older vinyl floor, the polish will help to restore it to its former glory.

Vinyl Floor Polish is Suitable For

The Vinyl Floor Polish can be used on all types of vinyl flooring, such as;

  • Vinyl Tile

  • Vinyl Plank

  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

  • Vinyl Roll

  • Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl Floor Polish Coverage and Shelf Life

Size: 500ml.

Coverage per 500ml bottle: 50m2.

Once opened, use within three years.

Vinyl Floor Polish Instructions

Clean the floor first using the Vinyl Floor Cleaner and Spray Mop, ensuring all dust and dirt has been removed.

Shake bottle well and squirt directly onto the floor. Using the Microfibre Mop (with a clean mop pad), spread the polish evenly and thinly across the floor. Apply very light fingertip pressure when doing this. The floor should have a wet look that shines when the polish is applied, but not so much that it puddles.

Work in small, manageable sections, before moving onto the next area. Leave to dry for 30 minutes before using. After 30 minutes the floor can be polished for a high shine. 

Vinyl Floor Polish – FAQ

Q. Does the polish also clean vinyl floors?

A. No, for this you should use our Vinyl Floor Cleaner.

Q. Can the polish be used on luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring?

A. Yes, the floor polish has been designed to work on all types of vinyl flooring, including LVT. It will restore the shine to any faded tiles, and also help protect the vinyl tiles.

Q. How often should I polish my vinyl floor?

A. We recommend twice a year to provide good thorough protection. However, you can do it more often that this if you want the floor to shine more. In this case, just re-apply the polish whenever you start to see the floor looking duller.

Vinyl Floor Polish

Polish, restore and protect all types of vinyl flooring

  • Polishes to an attractive glossy finish
  • Protects against stains & spills
  • Protects against wear & tear
  • Water-based – safe for people and pets
  • Great for luxury tiles, Karndean and Amtico
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  • HK$130.00
  • Product Code: Vinyl Floor Polish
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