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Leather Edge Coat

About Leather Edge Coat

Our Edge Coat is used to create flawless edges to any leather item, hiding the rough or raw edge. Whether it be a belt, handbag handles, luggage tags or carved leather; this product will give you professional results every time.

This product comes clear as standard however is also available in black. If you want a different coloured edge, use the neutral option and colour over it with Edge Paint.

Leather Edge Coat is Suitable For

Our Edge Coat is suitable for all types of leather.

Leather Edge Coat’s Coverage and Shelf Life

50ml of Edge Coat will cover roughly 10m of leather edging.

Store between 8°C and 30°C.

Once open, use within 1 year.

How to Use Leather Edge Coat

Shake or stir well before use.

Always pre-test in an unseen or inconspicuous area.

Dip an Edge Applicator into the Edge Coat and apply it evenly to the raw leather edge. It can be left to dry naturally for between 5-10 minutes or dried within around 2 minutes with the use of a hair dryer. 

Continue applying coats until you reach your desired look, drying in between each coat. Apply more coats will create a higher curved edge. We recommend applying one or two coats for best results.

If your edge is not 100% smooth, it can be smoothed over with 1200 grit wet and dry sandpaper. This can be done in between coats, or once at the end. 

Leather Edge Coat – FAQ

Q. How many coats are required to get the perfect edge?

A. This varies depending on what you class as the 'perfect edge'.

One or two coats will leave a nice smooth surface, adding three or more coats will generally leave a nice curved edge. This will vary depending on the thickness of the edge you are working on too. 

Q. What is the difference between Edge Coat and Edge Paint?

A. Edge Coat has been designed to give a more modern, flawless edge coating. The Edge Paint can be used to colour over the Edge Coat or used directly on the raw leather edge to give a more natural and rustic looking edge. 

Q. Can you use this on top of old, damaged and worn edging?

A. Yes, you can, however, for best results, it is highly recommended to remove any worn edging before applying the new edging. This not only grants better adhesion; it also helps with the overall smoothness. 

Q. Are there any leathers this cannot be used on?

A. No, our Edge Coat will work on all leather types, and all faux leather too, as long as it is applied to the raw edge. 

Q. What is the best method of application?

A. This varies depending on what you prefer - typically it is down to what you feel most comfortable with.

Our Edge Applicator is quick and easy to use and brings great results, so we would, therefore, recommend trying this application method.

Leather Edge Coat

An extremely flexible paste used to produce a perfect curved and smooth edge coating on leather.

  • Quick drying

  • Heard-wearing and long lasting

  • Gives a professional finished look to edges

  • Highly flexible

  • No need for burnishing edges

  • Available in neutral and black

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