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Soft Wax Repair Kit

About Soft Wax Repair Kit

The Soft Wax Repair Kit is a handy set of 4 x wax filler sticks (4cm each) of varying shades used for repairing scratches, small holes, dents and chips to all wooden surfaces.

The filler sticks can be used for quickly repairing damages to surfaces such as hard wood (solid wood), soft wood, veneer, laminate, melamine, paper foils and all other types of wood.

The product works by simply rubbing the wax stick into the damaged wood and then scraping off the excess with the applicator tool (provided). The kit is available in three different coloured packs; light, medium, and dark allowing you to repair any colour of damage to wood.

Soft Wax Repair Kit is Suitable For

The Soft Wax sticks are suitable for use on all types and colours of wood and can be used for wooden flooring, furniture, motorhomes, caravans, boats and wood used in all other environments.

Used for repairing;

Scuffs & Scratches
Dents & Chips
Small Holes

Soft Wax Repair Kit’s Coverage and Shelf Life

The quantity of wax provided in each kit is typically enough to carry out many repairs and will often be sufficient to repair multiple pieces of furniture with light to moderate damage.

Cleaning Leather with Leather Cleaner

Wood Scratch Repair

For this repair, we have selected to use the Dark Soft Wax Repair Kit. From the kit, three wax sticks were selected; these were the sticks that resembled the various shades in the wood the most.


The way the wood is repaired is by rubbing the lightest of the shades on first, followed by the darker colour(s) to mimic the grain pattern and help the repair blend in better.

Protecting and Conditioning Leather

Using the lightest of the shades selected, rub the wax stick into the scratch so it starts to fill the scratch to about 80% full.

Most repairs will require 2 or more sticks to be rubbed into the scratch for a perfect repair, this helps replicate the grain of the wood.

Take the second stick (darker than the first) and rub it over the scratch. With this stick, you aim to fill the rest of the scratch.

Cleaning Leather


As you can see by this photo, when filling the wood, you don't aim to just keep the filler in the scratch. It spills out over the edges and needs to be scraped off.

Using the applicator supplied, scrape the wax off, scraping along the scratch lengthways. If you scraped the other way, it might pull some of the filler out.

Cleaning Leather


This photo shows the scratch after it has been repaired.

If at this stage you weren't happy, just use the edge of the applicator to dig the wax out and start again.

You can also use the edge of the applicator to apply wax to specific areas rather than rubbing it in as we did in this guide. 

Colour Chart


This kit fixes damages to all light shades of wood such as; Ash, Beech, Birch, Maple, Pine and other shades of light wood.

light wax filler 1 light wax filler 2 light wax wood filler 3 light wax wood filler 4 light wax filler 5
light wax wood filler shade 6 light wax filler colour 7 light wood repair wax colour 7 light shade wood repair wax 8 light wood wax shade 10



This kit fixes damages to all medium shades of wood such as; Oak, Teak and other similar shades.

medium wood wax filler shade 1 medium  wax wood filler shade 2 medium wood wax colour 3 medium wax filler shade 4 medium wood wax repairer colour 5
medium shade wood filler wax 6 medium colour wax wood filler 7 medium wax wood filler 8 medium wood repair wax 9 medium wax wood filler shade 10



This kit fixes damages to all dark shades of wood such as; Alder, Mahogany, Walnut & other darkend woods.

Dark shade wood wax filler 1 Dark Colour wood filler wax 2 Wood filler wax dark shade 3 wood repair wax filler 4 Wood repair wax dark shade 5
Dark shade wood filler wax 6 Wood filler shade 7 wood repair wax 8 dark wood filler wax 9 dark wood wax filler 10


IMPORTANT: The colours shown here are dependent upon screen settings or monitor calibration, they are a guide only. The actual colour may vary.


Q: What types of wood can the Soft Wax Repair Kit be used on?

A: The waxes in the kit are suited to use on all types of wood and are ideal for the repair of scratches, holes, dents and other minor damage to furniture. Simply pick the kit with the shades of wax that best match the colours of your item(s) to make quick, easy, professional standard repairs.

Q: How does the Soft Wax Repair Kit actually work?

A: By rubbing the waxes into the area of damage, it is filling the gap, gouge or hole left by the damage, and by using the different shades to mimic the colour and grain of the wood you are disguising the repair. Essentially the wax is replacing the wood from the damaged area for a seamless repair. 

Q: Can I continue to clean & maintain my wood as normal after making a repair?

A: Yes you can, continue to clean and treat your wood items as normal with our Wood Cleaner, or selection of polishes & oils, without fear of damaging the wood or the repair.

Q: I have a deep scratch/large hole/chip on my wooden furniture can I use the Soft Wax Repair Kit to fix it?

A: For these problems, or for damage on areas that see a high degree of use, we would recommend the use of our Hard Wax Repair Kit. Soft waxes, as provided in this kit, would indeed fill the hole, but are designed for areas of low/infrequent use and do not provide the hard wearing, extremely durable repair that hard waxes do.

Soft Wax Repair Kit

The soft wax repair kit is designed for fixing smaller damages to wooden surface such as scratches, small dents, chips & holes. It's ideal for flooring and damage to the edges of furniture. Unlike the hard wax kit which melts the wax, the soft wax is rubbing the wax into the damage.

  • Simple & easy to use

  • Enables anyone to repair damage to wood

  • Choice of 3 kits to match any shade of wood or a mixed pack including all shades

  • Cost effective alternative to calling a professional

  • This wood filler kit can be used to fix scratches in wood, as well as dents, small holes, and chips in furniture

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