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Hard Wax Repair Kit

About Hard Wax Repair Kit

The Hard Wax Repair Kit is a handy set of 4 hard wax wood filler sticks (4cm each) of varying shades used for repairing damages in wood that could come under stress. This kit comes in 3 different colours, light, medium, and dark. This kit is ideal for repairing:

Edge Chips

The wax sets very strong making the repair extremely hard wearing, and so, perfect for edge chips, which are prone to being knocked and bumped. The Hard Wax Repair Kit will repair edge chips on all wooden surfaces with ease, leaving an invisible repair.

Holes/Screw Holes

Large gaps may appear in your wooden flooring, which becomes very noticeable and can spoil a lovely laminate or hard wood floor. The Hard Wax Repair Kit is ideal for repairing these kinds of holes because it is hard wearing and can withstand constantly being walked on.

Large Chips

All wooden furniture is prone to chipping and such damage can be very expensive to have restored. The Hard Wax Repair Kit is an ideal DIY solution to repair large chips in wooden furniture. Soft Wax is used for small scratches or chips, the Hard Wax is needed for more sever chips because when it melts it can gain a stronger bond to the wood.

The Hard Wax Wood Filler is melted into the damage using the heat tool provided, the wax then sets rock hard providing a tough and long lasting repair.

Hard Wax Repair Kit is Suitable For

The Hard Wax sticks are suitable for use on all types and colours of wood. They are best suited for use on areas of high use or where the repair is likely to recieve knocks.

Perfect for repairs to:

  • Laminate & hardwood flooring
  • Furniture
  • Wooden Worktops

Hard Wax Repair Kit’s Coverage and Shelf Life

The amount of hard wax provided with the kit is typically enough to carry out many repairs and will often be sufficient to repair multiple pieces of furniture with light to moderate damage.

The Hard Wax Repair Kit, if stored in a cool, dry place, has an effective shelf life of many years

surface scratch before
surface scratch after

How to Repair Deep Scratches / Knocks

This guide will show you how to make repairs to deep scratches, small surface chips and abrasions to all wooden surfaces.

Deep Scratch Repair


edge chip before
edge chip after

Chipped Edges Repair Guide

Furniture easily gets knocked causing chips to the edges. They can be easily fixed following this guide.

Chipped Edges Repair

Chipped Wood
Filling a chip in wood
Chip in wood repaired


Simply melt the wax stick into the damaged wood to get a near invisible repair!

Colour Chart

The Hard Wax Wood Filler Kit's are available in three different shades; Light, Medium & Dark. With these three kits you can cover all shades of wood, the filler blends in so you don't need an exact match. The colour charts below are an indication of what shades of wood each kit covers.



This kit fixes damages to all light shades of wood such as; Ash, Beech, Birch, Maple, Pine and other shades of light wood.

lightwax1 lightwax2 lightwax3 lightwax4 lightwax5
lightwax6 lightwax7 lightwax7 lightwax8 lightwax10



This kit fixes damages to all medium shades of wood such as; Oak, Teak and other similar shades.

mediumwax1 mediumwax2 mediumwax3 mediumwax4 mediumwax5
mediumwax6 mediumwax7 mediumwax8 mediumwax9 mediumwax10



This kit fixes damages to all dark shades of wood such as; Alder, Mahogany, Walnut & other darkend woods.

wax1 wax 2 wax 3 wax 4 wax 5
wax 6 wax 7 wax 8 wax 9 wax 10


IMPORTANT: The colours shown here are dependent upon screen settings or monitor calibration, they are a guide only. The actual colour may vary.


Q: Can the Hard Wax Repair Kit be used to repair damage to any type of wood?

A. Yes, the Hard Wax Repair Kit is suitable for use on all types of wood and is particularly useful for the repair of very deep scratches, holes, chips and other areas of significant damage to wooden furniture of all kinds. Simply pick the shade range that best matches the colour of the wood you will be repairing and follow the instructions for a professional, highly durable repair.

Q: How does the Hard Wax Repair Kit actually work?

A. By melting the waxes to fill the area of damage, whether a deep scratch, gouge, chip or hole, and by using the different shades to mimic the colour and grain of the wood you are filling the damage and disguising the repair. A well carried out repair with the Hard Wax Repair Kit is durable enough to endure for many years, even on areas of high use and can often be indistinguishable from the surrounding wood.

Q: Can i continue to clean & maintain my wood as normal after using the Hard Wax Repair Kit?

A: Of course, after making a repair simply continue to clean and treat your wooden items as normal with our Wood Cleaner and selection of polishes & oils, without fear of damaging the wood or the repair.

Q: The damage to my furniture is very minor and in an area of relatively low use, should i still use the Hard Wax Repair Kit?

A: In instances of minor damage such as shallow scratches, small holes/gouges, or minor dents or in areas of low or infrequent use, our Soft Wax Repair Kit will be sufficient to repair the damage.

Hard Wax Repair Kit

The hard wax repair kit is designed for fixing larger damages to wooden surface such as dents, chips & holes. It's ideal for flooring and damage to the edges of furniture. Unlike the soft wax kit, the hard wax is melted onto the wood using the heat tool provided with the kit.

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Suitable for all types of wood

  • Repairs severe damages

  • Strong and long lasting repairs

  • Extremely hard wearing

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