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Clear Decking Oil

About Clear Decking Oil

Our premium grade, advanced formulation Clear Decking Oil will protect and maintain all types of wooden decking while enhancing the grain and bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. The oil will dry to a hard, durable, highly attractive satin finish and will never crack, peel or flake.    

Its deep penetrating action will feed and nourish all decking timbers while not only providing excellent water repellence, but will help prevent cracking, warping, splitting and swelling which will prolong the life of your decking.

Containing UV filters, our Clear Decking Oil will help protect against sun damage while also helping to prevent the growth of mould, mildew and fungi. 

Decking should be maintained from the moment it is installed to help keep it in pristine condition and a decking oil is the best product for doing that. Unlike stains, the oil enhances the natural beauty of the wood and so is ideal for hardwood decks where you want to show off the timber.

Clear Decking Oil Features

Drying Time: 4-6 hours
Coverage: 25m² per 5 litre tin
Coats: 2 coats to bare wood
Recoat time: Once previous has dried
Maintenance: Once a year, or when showing signs of 'drying'
Application: Apply with a brush

Clear Decking Oil is Suitable For

Our Clear Decking Oil is ideal for all types of timber decking:
  • Hardwood and softwood decking
  • Oak decking
  • Siberian Larch decking
  • Thermowood decking
  • Iroko, Balau and other tropical wood decking
  • Cedar decking
  • Teak decking

As a clear decking oil, it enhances the natural colour and beauty of all timber decking.

Clear Decking Oil’s Coverage and Shelf Life

Size: 5 litres.

5 litres of Clear Decking Oil is enough to treat roughly 25m² of decking (2 coats).

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight between 10°C and 25°C.

Once open, use within 3 years.

Keep out of reach of children.

Clear Decking Oil Instructions

The Clear Decking Oil can be used on all types of wooden decking. As a clear oil, it is designed to enhance the natural features of the decking, rather than to mask them like a stain or paint would. You should use the Clear Decking Oil if you love the natural looking of decking and want to enhance and protect it.

Preparation for Clear Decking Oil

Before applying the Clear Decking Oil you need to make sure the decking has been prepared correctly. There are three states your decking may be in, and the instructions differ slightly between each state; new, weathered and previously stained.

Preparation - New Decking

Most new decking is slightly waterproof, and this protection could stop the oil from soaking in properly. To oil new decking, you need to first clean off the waterproof protection. Do this with our Decking Cleaner.

Preparation - Weathered Decking

Clean the decking first with our Decking Cleaner to restore it to its original colour. This will remove all dirt and green staining caused by mould and algae; greatly improving the results of the Clear Decking Oil.

Preparation - previously stained decking

Remove any loose, flaking or peeling old finishes from previously coated surfaces. Our Decking Cleaner and a good scrub should achieve this, but you may need to use a paint stripper on some painted surfaces. 

Applying Clear Decking Oil

The decking must be clean and dry. Shake or stir the oil thoroughly. Apply the oil liberally with our Decking Applicator , moving in the direction of the grain. Be sure to cover all the wood, including any edges, for maximum protection. Leave for five minutes for the oil to penetrate into the wood and then wipe off any excess oil with a clean brush or lint free cloth.

If you do not have a Decking Applicator, you can also apply the oil with a paint brush. 

It is very important to wipe off the excess Decking Oil prior to leaving it to dry. The idea is for the Clear Decking Oil to penetrate the wood and enhance the decking, not pool on the surface. So wiping the excess oil off will help you achieve a much nicer finish on the decking.

Clear Decking Oil Drying Time

The decking will be showerproof in just two hours, depending on temperature and humidity conditions. If you're applying a second coat of oil, allow 4-6 hours drying time between coats and apply the second coat in the same way as the first.

We recommend applying two coats of the Clear Decking Oil to get maximum protection on the decking.

Clean Up

Simply remove as much oil from your applicator pad as possible and then clean in warm soapy water. The same clean up instructions apply if you used a paint brush.

Maintenance with Clear Decking Oil

To conserve the performance and look of the oiled finish, you should sweep the decking with a stiff broom on a regular basis to remove any loose dirt, leaves or any other contaminants which can degrade the decking finish or timber over time. This is very important in Autumn and Winter months when wet leaves may accumulate on the decking.

Depending on how much traffic the decking is subjected to, and how much weathering it receives, the decking should be inspected on a regular basis and be retreated with a maintenance coat of the Clear Decking Oil once you can see it starting to look a little worn and tired or when water is no longer being repelled. Simply clean the area to be maintained and apply a thin coat of oil in that area.

Otherwise, we recommend to re-apply the Clear Decking Oil once a year for complete protection, and to maintain the lovely finish.

Clear Decking Oil Results

Clear Decking Oil on different timbers

From left to right: Iroko Decking, Siberian Larch Decking, Thermowood Decking.

You can see that the Clear Decking Oil slightly darkens the decking, bringing out the grain and natural beauty of the wood. Unlike a stain, the Clear Decking Oil enhances the wood, showing off what is best about a high-quality deck.

Instructional Videos

Clear Decking Oil – FAQ

Q. Is it better to use a clear decking oil, or a stain?

A. Really it depends on your preference. A clear decking oil will bring out the natural beauty of the wood, enhancing the grain and natural colouring of the decking. Whereas a decking stain will mask the natural features of the wood, but will change the wood to whatever colour you wish.

Typically, if you have hardwood decking, or cedar decking (very popular now) you are best using the Clear Decking Oil as these woods respond very well to it. 

Q. How often should I oil my decking?

A. You should oil your decking every time it starts to look weathered or dry. Typically this would be once a year, but you may choose to do it before and after winter if the decking is subject to a lot of rain, snow and wet leaves sitting on it.

Q. Can you oil wet decking?

A. No. Wait for the decking to dry before applying Clear Decking Oil. The oil will not soak into the decking as well if it is wet.

Q. Should I oil new decking?

A. Yes. New decking is typically untreated and will require an application of oil to help maintain it, and keep it in pristine condition. 

Q. What happens if it rains after oiling my decking?

A. The Clear Decking Oil is showerproof within two hours; any rain after then will be fine. If it rains sooner than this the water may soak into the wood and displace the oil. If this happens, wait for the oil to dry and reassess - it may dry normal. If it doesn't, you'd need to clean and re-oil the decking.

Q. Will Decking Oil act as a decking sealer?

A. The Clear Decking Oil soaks into the wood and forms a tough finish. This will help the wood repel staining and water from rain. 

Q. Can it be used to oil cedar decking?

A. Yes, a clear decking oil is perfect for cedar decking, as cedar is chosen for its natural lovely colour. The Clear Decking Oil will enhance the colour of the cedar and help prevent it from turning grey over time.

Clear Decking Oil

Superior quality clear decking oil that deeply penetrates all types of wooden decking to enhance, nourish and protect

  • Advanced weather protection

  • Enhances the natural beauty of decking

  • Protects against wear & tear

  • Reduces fading and sun damage

  • Shower proof in two hours

  • Clear oil for a natural finish

  • 5 litre size covers 25m²

  • HK$560.00
  • Product Code: Clear Decking Oil
  • In Stock

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