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Suede Cleaner

About Suede Cleaner

The Suede Cleaner is a powerful cleaning formula designed specifically for use on any item of Suede or Nubuck.

The innovative foaming action ensures that it is highly effective at removing dirt and grime from the surface of the suede, while its formulation ensures that it is non-damaging and will not alter the look or feel of your items.

Free from any aggressive or harsh chemicals, it can be used with complete peace of mind on even the most delicate of items, providing unparalleled cleaning and care for all your precious suede or nubuck items.

Suede Cleaner is Suitable For

Leather Sofa, Armchair, Chairs and Furniture Leather Car Seat or Interior Handbag Leather Shoes, Boots or Footwear Leather Jacket or Clothing

Suede Cleaner is safe to use on any item made from Suede, Nubuck, Alcantara or Faux Suede, including furniture & upholstery, car interiors, handbags, footwear and clothing.

Faux Suede

Suede Cleaners Coverage and Shelf Life

A 100ml bottle of Suede Cleaner should provide more than enough product to:

Clean an average sized armchair!

Clean suede shoes, or similar about 10 times

If stored in its original container, with the lid fastened, in a cool, dry place, Suede Cleaner has an effective shelf life of many years.

Cleaning Suede Instructions

Step 1 - Remove loose dirt

Use the Suede Brush to brush the surface in one direction to remove loose dirt.

Step 2 - Apply Suede Cleaner

Apply the cleaner onto a clean cloth and rub over one full panel at a time, making sure the surface is evenly covered. Wipe away any excess foam as you clean.

Step 3 - Restore the nap

Once dry, raise the nap a second time by brushing with the Suede Brush as before.

Step 4 - Protect the suede

Once this is done, protect the suede or nubuck from future dirt and staining with Suede Protector.

Following these instructions will ensure quick and effective cleaning, keeping all your Suede and Nubuck items looking as good as new.

Suede Cleaner FAQ

Q. Can this be used to clean suede sofas?

A. Yes, it makes a great suede sofa cleaner. It can be used to clean all items made from suede (or faux suede). It cleans thoroughly, yet gently, ensuring the suede fibres remain soft and supple after cleaning.

Q. Can the Suede Cleaner be used to clean Nubuck?

A. Yes. Nubuck is very similar to suede but is generally softer and smoother to touch. Our cleaner is a great Nubuck Cleaner and can be used to clean all items made from nubuck, such as shoes, clothing, handbags and even sofas.

Q. How should I care for suede after cleaning it?

A. After you have cleaned suede, you should protect it from stains and spills. To do this, we recommend using our Suede Protector.

Q. What is the difference between your Suede Cleaner and Pro Suede Cleaner?

A. The Suede Cleaner is what we would recommend for everyday cleaning of suede items. If you have an item of suede that is very dirty, then you could use the Pro Suede Cleaner. However, it is a solvent-based suede cleaner and so will strip out the natural oils from suede as it cleans. To restore the oils, you’ll need to treat the suede afterwards using the Suede Revive.

If you have very dark staining on suede, or any greasy or oily stains, then you’ll need to use the Pro Suede Cleaner to remove them. All other dirt and stains will clean off well with the Suede Cleaner.

Q. Can I not just use a suede cleaning brush to clean suede?

A. A Suede Brush is great for brushing dry dirt out of suede and we would recommend you do this on a regular basis for all suede items. However, suede brushes will just remove loose dirt, they can’t remove staining or any dirt that the suede has absorbed.

We recommend using a combination of our Suede Cleaner and Suede Cleaning Brush as part of a regular maintenance regime.

Suede Cleaner

All-purpose suede cleaner for a safe, deep, and effortless clean 

  • Cleans suede, nubuck, faux suede and alcantara

  • The suede cleaner achieves great results with little effort

  • Cleans all colours of suede

  • Safe to use - no solvents or abrasives

  • Cleans all items from suede sofas to suede shoes

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