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A specialist range of leather cleaners, leather conditioners and leather protection products, for use on all types of leather. Choose from our award-winning and best-selling products such as our leather cleaner, a highly effective leather sofa cleaner and leather car seats cleaner, or our Leather Protection Cream (an all-in-one leather conditioner and leather protector).

Our Leather Care Kit combines the cleaning power of our leather cleaner with the conditioning and protection features of our leather protector. This combination provides everything needed to clean, condition and protect your leather sofas, car interior or any other leather item in one great value kit.

Leather Cleaners & Conditioners

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Leather Care Kit -5%

Leather Care Kit

Great value kit containing a massive 500ml leather cleaner and 500ml leather protector. Cleans, Feeds, Protects leather.

From HK$399.00Regular PriceHK$420.00

Leather Ultra Clean

Deep cleans dirty leathers removing all dirt & grime from the grain with little effort.

From HK$119.00

Leather Protection Cream

Leather Protection Cream feeds, protects and re-instates the smell into old and new leather items.

From HK$119.00

Leather Wipes Out Of Stock

Leather Wipes

These handy leather wipes are perfect for quickly removing dirty marks from leather items.

From HK$13.00

Leather Handbag Care Kit -12%

Leather Handbag Care Kit

For Handbags, Luggage, Footwear & all items of Leather Clothing.

From HK$229.00Regular PriceHK$260.00

Leather Polish -12%

Leather Polish

Water-based polish used to give a deep gloss to all leathers.

From HK$229.00Regular PriceHK$260.00

Cleaning Brush Out Of Stock

Cleaning Brush

For cleaning leather and fabric, this brush makes quick work of cleaning at a great price.


Cleaning Sponges

Hand-sized sponge used for cleaning any surface.

From HK$5.00

Finished Terry Towel

Absorbent terry towel for all cleaning applications.

From HK$10.00

Suede Revive

Restores the colour of all suede items.

From HK$130.00

Leather Revive Out Of Stock

Leather Revive

Oil based conditioner used to soften old, dried out and hard leathers.

From HK$190.00

150ml Foaming Bottle

Turns leather cleaners into foam!

From HK$10.00

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