Pine Wood Stain

By Ben Staerck 30 Nov 2020 0 Comment(s)

A look at Pine Wood Stain

In this blog post we will look at our Pine Wood Stain and how it looks when applied to wood, and also how to stain pine (the type of wood).

You see ‘pine’ is not just a colour of Wood Stain, but also a type of wood that can be stained, and so I feel it is important to cover all options in this post. We will look at:

  1. Applying Pine Wood Stain onto pine.
  2. Applying Wood Stain (in other colours) onto pine.
  3. Applying Pine Wood Stain onto other types of wood.

How-to Stain Pine (applying Pine Wood Stain onto Pine)

Firstly, how-to stain pine. Pine is a softwood and so reacts differently to wood stains than hardwoods do. Our Wood Stain is water-based and so when applied to Pine it soaks in and can raise the grain. This can cause the wood to feel slightly rough and look uneven, it is very easily solved though.

Sand the wood using out #100 Sanding Pads. This is equivalent to 320g sandpaper.
Then wet the wood with water. This will cause the grain in the Pine to raise.
Sand the wood again using the #100 Sanding Pad.

This process raises the grain prior to the Wood Stain being applied. Sanding it smooth afterwards means that when you do go to apply the Wood Stain, it will not raise the grain and you’ll get a lovely finish.

You could also us a pre-stain conditioner, which is boiled Linseed Oil thinned down with Mineral Spirit. Apply this, leave it to dry, and then sand smooth before staining.

This photo shows a coffee table made from pine. The left photo is the before, and the right it what it looks like after being stained with Pine Wood Stain. This job was done by a customer and uploaded as part of a 5* product review for our Wood Stain.  

Staining Pine with Wood Stain

Pine is a light-coloured wood and so is easy to change its colour using our Wood Stains. Make sure you follow the instructions above to prepare the pine properly prior to staining.

Pine is then stained in the same manner as applying Wood Stain onto any other type of wood. Simply wipe it on with a Foam Brush or Lint Free Cloth and leave it to dry!

In this example we show you what it looks like to stain pine with our Dark Oak Wood Stain. These photos were sent into us as part of a customer review for the product; you can see they are also waxing the pine in the second photo.

The first photo shows the table with only half stained using our Dark Oak Wood Stain.

Staining wood to look like Pine

Any type of wood can be stained so it has a pine colour. The only condition is that the wood must be a lighter colour than the stain, this is because Wood Stains work by soaking into the wood and changing its colour. Wood Stains can therefore only stain wood to a darker colour.

The preparation and application of the Wood Stain is the same as normal.

Finishing Pine after Staining

After staining wood, you should then finish it with either a Wood WaxWood Oil or Varnish. The choice is yours but for Pine our Beeswax Polish is a popular choice.

Buying Pine Wood Stain

You can purchase our Wood Stain in all colours, including pine, from our website here - Wood Stain


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