Customer Results Using Wood Stain

By Jessica Barron 09 Aug 2021 0 Comment(s)

In this blog, we will discuss why our Wood Stain has become one of our most popular products for wood and show you some of our wonderful customer results.

The benefits of Wood Stain

As well as providing a beautiful colour to the wood, our Wood Stain is designed to protect the surface from the elements, enhance the natural beauty and grain of the wood, and expand its lifespan.

It is a highly concentrated, water-based stain that has excellent coverage, and dyes wood in one simple application.

It is also quick drying, drying to a natural matt finish in only 10 minutes and is easy to use.

How to use Wood Stain

Simply, apply the Wood Stain with a Foam Brush. Wait for it to soak into the wood and wipe off any excess with a lint free cloth.

The longer you leave the stain to soak in before wiping any excess, the darker the colour will be. Multiple coats can also be applied to achieve a darker colour.

Customer results using Wood Stain

The following restorations were done by customers and uploaded as part of a product review for our Wood Stain.

Very pleased with the results

“I bought this tester for my cookbook stand and it did the job perfectly. A little went a long way.”

This photo shows a newly bought cookbook stand. The left photo is the before, and the right it what it looks like after being stained with a Dark Oak Wood Stain.

Really nice colour

“I used this to stain a pine coffee table I made. I really like the finished colour.”

This photo shows a coffee table the customer made from pine. The left photo is the before, and the right it what it looks like after being stained with our Pine Wood Stain.

Dark Oak stain - Does what it's supposed to

“I used the dark oak stain tester on a piece of oak hobby board to make sure it was what I wanted for the shelf. It darkens the wood nicely and highlights the beauty of the oak...Overall, really happy with this stain.”

This customer bought a 15ml tester pot of our Dark Oak Wood Stain to test the colour on a piece of hobby board, before purchasing a larger bottle to stain a shelf. The board on the right it what it looks like before, and the board on the left is what it looks like after being stained.

Exactly what we wanted

“...We tried a couple of other well-known brands of wood stain but none of them changed the colour much, we wanted it to match our fences more (dark oak) ...A little goes a long way...We painted every square inch of the wood twice (picture shows original colour, first coat and second coat)... We were so impressed with this product that we have bought the Furniture Clinic wood oil to treat the table as well.”

This photo shows the application process of our Dark Oak Wood Stain on a picnic bench. The left photo is the before, the middle photo is after one application, and the photo on the right is the finished result after a 2nd application.

Warm rose colour, easy to apply

“The stain gave a lovely warm rose colour to the wood...(I) sanded the whole table down to bare wood, (applied) two coats of stain all over and a few coats of the beeswax and got the results in the picture. Over the moon.”

This photo shows a coffee table made from rosewood and what it looks like after being stained with our Rosewood Wood Stain and finished with our Beeswax Polish.

Want to know more about our Wood Stain?

Read our blog – Water Based Wood Stains.

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