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Wood Cleaner

The ultimate cleaner for all wooden surfaces.


Teak Cleaner -6%

Teak Cleaner

Concentrated teak cleaning formula to restore old, dirty and greying teak.

HK$190.00 HK$179.00

Lint Free Cloth (3 pack)

A great value 3-pack of high-quality, lint-free cloths, perfect for applying creams, oils and waxes to any item.


Wood Floor Cleaner -16%

Wood Floor Cleaner

Safe to use and effective cleaner for all types of wooden floors.

HK$190.00 HK$159.00

Wood Floor Cleaner & Polish Kit -9%

Wood Floor Cleaner & Polish Kit

Everything you need to clean and protect your wood floor.

HK$550.00 HK$499.00

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