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Leather Colourant Kit

Leather Colourant Kit

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To change the colour or restore leather

Leather Colourant Kit is used and recommended by professional upholsterers in both the furniture and automotive trade. Not only that, but the colourants we use are the same kind as the ones used in the manufacturing of top quality UK leather hides.

From HK$ 640.00

In Stock & Ready To Send

Repairs worn patches or can be used to restore or change the colour of furniture, car interior, clothes, shoes and any other item of leather

The Leather Colourant Kit is not just a standard dye but an actual process, which gives fine results every time. Developed by professionals in the leather manufacturing industry, our Leather Colourants are not the standard dyes, but water based finishes used to give a long lasting, durable and flexible finish. Non hazardous and non flammable our kit is easy and safe to use.

What makes our leather colourant kit the best? We use water based colourants, a traditional technology that has been used in the manufacturing of leather for years. The end result looks like brand new leather. This is because the product is applied in the same way as in a tannery. Once applied, your leather will look and feel like natural leather, it will never flake, fade or peel off.

How it works: First you remove the manufactured finish from the leather with the leather prep. This allows the colourants to adhere and penetrate the leather, giving a sound base covering. You then spray on a coloured coating for uniformity and to get a nice natural finish. The job is then sealed in with a professional leather finish. This finish protects and enhances the leather and stops it from wearing out.

Once applied, our colourants and finishes are so tough, you will find it difficult to even scuff or scratch the leather!

This item is made to order and is considered a bespoke product.

Before & After Photos

Click on one of the links below to see before and after photos of what the colourant kit can do.

Leather Furniture & Upholstery

Leather Furniture & Leather Upholstery

Photos: Colour Change | Colour Restoration | Touch Up Repair

Leather Car Interior

Leather Car Seats & Leather Car Interior

Photos: Colour Change | Colour Restoration | Touch Up Repair

Leather Handbags & Clothes

Leather Clothes, Shoes & Handbags

Photos: Colour Change & Restoration


Suitable For

Leather Colourant Kit can be used to change or restore the colour of furniture, car seats, clothes, shoes, handbags, equestrian leather and any other item made of leather.

How long does it last? Once applied to leather the coating is as strong as new leather, this has been tested to British & European Standards. It is difficult to give an exact time scale as to how long it will last, but we are confident to say that it will last as long as your leather originally lasted, i.e. if the leather needed restored after 5 years, expect it to last another 5 years.

Standard Colour Chart


JS Black HC
Cream Light Cream Dark Brown Brown Buttermilk Chocolate Dk Dk Brown Bright Red

Cream CR12

Light Cream CR02 Dark Brown BR07 Med Brown BR04 Buttermilk CR11 Chocolate BR06 DK DK Brown BR08 Bright Red R04



A fine result can be achieved with our kits, remember they are designed for the general public and so have been made as easy as possible to use. For detailed instructions of how to re-colour leather, please read one of the following guides.



Brand New Video Instruction Guide

Watch how we change the colour of leather as demonstrated on an Aston Martin - Watch Now

Coverage & Shelf Life

The kit doesn't have a shelf life. However, the longer it sits on the shelf, the more thoroughly the products will need to be shaken before use.

The Leather Colourant Kit is available in four sizes;

Small Kit - This will restore anything up to the size of a car seat, such as handbags, clothes, shoes.
Medium Kit - This will restore anything up to the size of a large armchair.
Large Kit - This will do 5 car seats or a large 3 seater sofa
Ex Large Kit - This kit will restore a full car interior or three piece suite

Magazine Articles & Recommendations


Recommended by Many Magazines
As Seen On TV


Shown on primetime BBC series DIY SOS where the designer, Julia Kendell, used the kit to change the colour of an old sofa purchased from ebay. read more

Customer Reviews

Over the years we have sold our Leather Colourant Kits we have had many pleased customers, some of whom took the time to write in and tell us how they got on, providing photos and advice for prospective customers, please have a read of what they have to say;

Customer Reviews

Customer Testimonials

10th April 2013
My steering wheel was getting too slippery as it got older, so I decided to try cleaning and recoloring with the black coloring kit i bought from Furniture Clinic(which I used on my seats). Great Stuff!! The result is now my steering wheel looks great and is just a little more 'grippy,' just like I wanted.

Paul Vale, USA.

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Small Leather Colourant Kit

Small Leather Colourant Kit

The small kit has been designed for touch up repairs or small items of leather like a pouffee, shoes, clothes, or a single car seat.

100ml Leather Prep Cleaner
100ml Alcohol Cleaner
250ml Leather Colourant
100ml Leather Finish (Gloss) + 100ml Leather Spray Finish
Spray Gun + propellant
Sponges & Accessories

Small Leather Colourant Kit - HK$ 640.00

In Stock & Ready To Send

Medium Leather Colourant Kit

Medium Leather Colourant Kit

The medium kit has been designed for larger areas such as a large arm chair or two car seats.

250ml Leather Prep Cleaner
250ml Alcohol Cleaner
500ml Leather Colourant
150ml Leather Finish (Gloss)+ 150ml Leather Spray Finish
Spray Gun + 2 x propellant cans
Sponges & Accessories

Medium Leather Colourant Kit - HK$ 950.00

In Stock & Ready To Send

Large Leather Colourant Kit

Large Leather Colourant Kit

The large kit has been designed for larger areas such as a two seater sofa or a full car interior (2 front seats & the back seat). This kit will also do the average size three seater sofa.

250ml Leather Prep Cleaner
250ml Alcohol Cleaner
1000ml Leather Colourant
250ml Leather Finish (Gloss) + 250ml Leather Spray Finish
Spray Gun + 3 x propellant cans
Sponges & Accessories

Large Leather Colourant Kit - HK$ 1,270.00

In Stock & Ready To Send

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